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Satakuntalainen Osakunta (SatO, Satakunta Nation) is a community of university students with ties to the Satakunta region in Finland. Our members can participate in various activities ranging from sports to academic dinner parties and use our house facilities in the center of Helsinki in Kamppi. If you have Satakunta in your heart, you will feel like home with us.

Regular activities at SatO include Wednesday night hangouts, doing sports together, choir practice, library nights and more. We also have committees and recreational clubs for organizing theme events, like a culinary club, a beer club, a photography club, We have our own home where we gather together to celebrate, organize activities and most importantly spend time together. Like in any home, our members are free to hang out, watch TV or movies, read the daily newspapers, study, use the internet, go to our gym or our library or simply hang out. To balance out “typical” student parties that many faculty and subject organisations host, student nations like SatO also have our own traditional parties, which combine the culture of the region and the deep-rooted traditions dating from the Middle Ages.


What is a student nation?


Student nations are interdisciplinary associations of the students of different ages and different fields, where members are usually connected by their ties to the same geographical area, in this case the Satakunta region from which the name of the nation is derived. An university student from the capital region can join a student nation, regardless of their study field, lifestyle and political preferences. Often a student joins a student nation based on a municipality, student housing, hobby, or friendship or family relations.

Student nations are the oldest student organizations in Finland, with their dating back to the 1600s. Satakunta nation was founded in Turku in 1653. Of the 16 student nations in the region, 15 are within the University of Helsinki and one is within Aalto University. 11 are Finnish speaking and 5 use Swedish.